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The week in music videos

Even though it’s only Tuesday, there is already a plethora of new music videos floating around the internet. Ranging from truly ethereal to Black Mirror-esque and ending at severely confusing, we have Lana Del Rey, Katy Perry, and Vin Diesel to thank for this week’s entertainment.

Lana Del Rey has returned with a music video dubbed “literally out of this world” by W Magazine. Del Rey released her latest single, “Love”, last Friday and quickly followed it up with a video to match. The video is consistent with her other releases, showcasing grainy and glowing visuals, but this time she flings characters into outer space.


Katy Perry threw a cotton candy commentary into the political circuit with the visuals for her new single, “Chained To The Rhythm” featuring Skip Marley. A change from her traditionally bubbly videos, this one features crowds with robotic mannerisms dancing through a theme park outfitted with rides named “Bombs Away”. Perry has become quite the activist lately, and this single is her first musical political statement, featuring lines such as So comfortable we’re living in a bubble bubble/ So comfortable we cannot see the trouble trouble. See for yourself below.


The wildcard of the week is Vin Diesel. The actor took to Facebook to release a photo montage of him in a recording studio singing over Kygo’s new single, which features Selena Gomez. It is unclear if the two camps paired up for this production, but the comments on the video take it rather seriously. Formal or farce, the video definitely deserves a watch.

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