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Thanks for everything, Ariana Grande

Over the weekend, the entertainment industry watched an abuser take the crown for Best Actor. Then the spotlight was stolen from a group of incredibly talented black folk by the makers of what could be the whitest adaptation of the jazz story in recent movie history. These transgressions aside, this week pop princess Ariana Grande made an improvement worth noticing.

A couple days ago, the songstress released the music video for “Everyday”, her song that features Future. The song, with the refrain: He give it to me/ Everyday implies that she’s having really great sex with her partner on a daily basis. The video showcases that literally everyone else can too.

The top comment on the video says, “The message behind this video was: love has no race, love has no gender, love has no age.” There really is no better way to explain it than that.

Take a look for yourself:

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